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The Luther Academy attempts to cover the cost of its publications through sales and memberships. However, we seek contributions to support our work overseas which could not take place without the generous gifts of donors. Presently the Luther Academy is providing theological conferences on an annual basis for pastors in West Africa, Uganda, India, Indonesia and South America. Since the pastors in these countries are unable to support the cost of transportation to the conferences we conduct or board and room while at the conferences, the Luther Academy bears the cost for their expenses. We are convinced that the teaching we do is one of the most effective ways of doing mission work for the church today. If you wish to support the proclamation of the pure Gospel and the Lutheran confession, consider donating to the support of our work overseas.

South America Each year the Luther Academy conducts a conference for Lutheran pastors in South America. With the assistance of Rev. Carlos Schumann, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Republic of Chile, we identify pastors from various countries that would benefit from our teaching and choose topics that address the needs of South American churches. In 2007 our topic dealt with The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. In 2008 the topic was Justification by Grace through Faith in Christ. About 25 pastors attend this conference from the countries of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.


West Africa The Luther Academy conducts conferences for Lutheran pastors and evangelists every year in West Africa. Dr. Paul Kofi Fynn, the President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana, works with the Luther Academy to arrange for the teaching of Lutheran doctrine to pastors from Ghana, Sierra Leone, Benin, Togo, Liberia and Nigeria. These conferences have been conducted since 2005 and have dealt with topics such as The Power of God’s Word in Multicultural Africa, Law and Gospel and the Work of the Holy Spirit. About 30 pastors attend this conference.


India In 2008 the Luther Academy began conducting theological conferences for Lutheran pastors in India. The topic was Prayer. In 2009 the topic was Baptism. At the most recent conference in January, 2010 about 400 pastors were in attendance. Those who attend come from a number of Lutheran churches in the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh. The Luther Academy depends on the assistance of David and Paul Dasari, whose father founded one of the Indian Lutheran churches, to organize these conferences. The Academy cosponsors the conference together with St. James Lutheran Church in West St. Paul, Minnesota, St. JohnLutheranChurch in Maple Grove, Minnesota and the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.


Indonesia The Luther Academy began work in Indonesia in June 2009, God willing. Lutheran pastors from twelve church bodies will be invited. Most of these churches were founded by missionaries embracing both the Reformed and the Lutheran Confession. Today in Indonesia some of the church leaders are expressing a desire to be truly Lutheran. About 75 pastors attended the theological conference conducted by the LutherAcademy in North Sumatra. Indonesia is the most Muslim country in the world in terms of numbers. The need for the pure Gospel is nowhere more evident. Dr. Bonar Lumbantobing, professor at one of the theological seminaries, assists in the organization of this conference. Gifts made to support the conference will be matched by Glory of Christ Lutheran Church in Maple Grove, Minnesota.


Uganda In 2008 fourteen men from Uganda were studying theology at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria, South Africa and were students of Pastor Daniel Preus who was teaching there. Three of these men have been ordained and are serving congregations in Uganda. The rest will graduate and be ordained within the next three years. Now the Lutheran Church Mission Uganda, a very young church, has five pastors. Soon they will have quite a few more. As this young church grows, it is critical that the pastors remain on a solid theological foundation. In order to assist them, the Luther Academy conducted its first annual theological conference in Uganda in December, 2009. The topic was Church Fellowship. Next year’s topic will be Preaching Law and Gospel. With God’s blessing the future of the Lutheran Church Mission Uganda will be bright.


Togo In 2010 Luther Academy conducted its first theological conference in Togo, our first venture into francophone Africa. The topic was Preaching Law and Gospel and Rev. Daniel Preus served as the instructor, Rev. Michael Amegah acting as translator. About 25 pastors from Togo attended the conference and participated enthusiastically in both the lectures and discussion sessions. The Luther Academy now hopes that it can make this conference in Togo an annual conference.


Central America In October of this year the Luther Academy will begin work in Central America. We will be inviting pastors from a number of Central American and Carribean countries to attend a theological conference in Antigua, Guatemala from October 4-7. The instructor of this conference will be Rev. Sergio Fritzler, the president of Seminario Concordia in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. Fritzler will be teaching on the topic of The Office of the Holy Ministry. This conference is made possible by a generous gift that will provide half the cost of the conference for the next three years.


Madagascar  The Lutheran Church of Madagascar is one of the fastest growing Lutheran Churches in the world. Each month they add approximately twelve new congregations to their church body. They are a Confessional Church that maintains six regional seminaries and one graduate seminary. The pastors of this church have asked Luther Academy for assistance in providing continuing education classes to them. Luther Academy does this by bringing professors and pastors, who are the experts in their fields of study, to lead these conferences. However, the cost to travel to Madagascar are of the highest of all the conferences Luther Academy provides. In 2015, Professor John Pless hopes to return to Madagascar and provide two additional conferences. Please consider giving a gift to Luther Academy to answer the request of the faithful pastors of Madagascar. 


Please consider making donations to the Luther Academy in order to support the expansion of our work and the work we are already doing. Thank you for your support. Please click the button below to make a donation or send a check payable to Luther Academy to: 

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Prayer is a strong wall and fortress of the church; it is a goodly Christian weapon.
-Martin Luther