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483rd Anniversary of the Augsburg Confession

The Luther Society (a non-profit organization of the Czech Republic for the advancement of Luther studies) in cooperation with Luther Academy will host a two-day lecture series on June 11-12, 2013, commemorating the 483rd anniversary of the Augsburg Confession (June 25, 1530) at the Lutheran Church of St. Michael in the center of Prague, The Czech Republic. The guest lecturer for the event will be the Rev. Dr. Charles J. Evanson, who will speak on the "Center and Periphery of Lutheran Ecclesiology" and  "What is Key for the Ministry of the Church." The lectures will be delivered in English and translated into Czech.  

Charles Evanson, born in 1936, studied at Valparaiso University, receiving a B.A. in 1959; Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, receiving a B.D. in 1964, Union Theological Seminary, and Concordia Seminary - St. Louis. In 2000 Evanson was granted an honorary doctorate of theology from Concordia Theological Seminary - Fort Wayne. In 1964 He was ordained as a pastor and served congregations in the Lutheran Church of Canada (LCC) and the Missouri Synod (LCMS). Evanson served for 10 years as the secretary for the LCMS Commission on Worship, as a circuit visitor in the English District of the LCMS and a lecturer at St. Francis College, Fort Wayne, and Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Luther Academy, Riga, Latvia, the Seminary of the Ingrean Lutheran Church, Petrograd, Russia, and the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, Novosibirsk, Russia. He has guest lectured at theological symposiums in North America, Europe, and Asia. Currently he serves as the theological advisor of the bishop and consistory of the Lithuanian Evangelical Lutheran Church and as an advisor for theological education in the Baltic countries as a representative of the LCMS.
Luther Academy is pleased to assist the Luther Society in the Czech Republic in providing a confessional Lutheran scholar of such breadth of knowledge as Dr. Evanson in advancing Lutheran theological education in its European regional mission efforts. 



Luther Academy Overseas Conferences

In strategic consultation with, and invitation from Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod World Missions and National church bodies, Luther Academy is caring for indigenous pastors globally. 

The Vision: Our brother pastors remain faithful and grow in their confessional Lutheran identity and capacity at times of great trial and opportunity. 

The Challenge: Indigenous ordained pastors have limited theological training; reside in isolated areas of the globe; feel threatened in some cases by militant Islam; have limited or no access to other pastors or missionaries; and are often quite impoverished.

Luther Academy Conferences are conducted by Lutheran scholars with knowledge of each region and last four to five days. Costs vary due to local economics and the capacity of local pastors to contribute. Luther Academy costs include airfare, visas, local transportation, meals, housing and a small stipend for guest presenters. Additionally, costs of meals, housing, materials and in some cases transportation for attending pastors may be necessary. The conferences provide strength and encouragement to the pastors and unity in confession. 


Luther Academy is immensely grateful for your prayers and support.



Latin American Conferences:

With scholars from the United States and Latin America (Concordia Seminary Buenos Aires) Luther Academy organizes and plans curriculum for two regional conferences (Argentina and Guatemala) and ten national conferences annually.   Luther Academy Fellows Rev. Carlos Schumann of Chile and Rev. Mark Braden of Michigan, and Regional Director (LCMS World Missions) Rev. Ted Krey, who also serves as Missionary to the Dominican Republic, work closely with Rev. McMiller to serve pastors in at least 12 countries.  Church leaders and theological educators from under-resourced and small national churches gather for the Regional Conferences.

Annual total cost: $59,250  (partially subsidized by LCMS World Missions)

Number of potential souls affected: 100,000



English-African Conferences:

Luther Academy Fellow Rev. Dr. Detlev Schulz of Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, has assembled a team of highly qualified co-presenters to address core theological needs for pastors in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Sudan, where the conferences have been held.  Past conferences have touched over 45 pastors representing church bodies of over 300,000 members.  Dr. Schulz and Rev. McMiller work to return annually to instruct even more pastors in the region.

Annual cost to Luther Academy: $15,500

Number of potential souls affected: 300,000 



French-African Conferences:

National conferences have been held in Togo, and Regional conferences have been held in Togo and Ghana for both English and French pastors.  Luther Academy Fellow Rev. Dr. Ron Mudge of Concordia University Wisconsin, a former LCMS missionary to Togo, will conduct Luther Academy National Conferences for hundreds of ordained pastors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  These pastors shepherd over 100,000 souls in a rapidly growing, war-torn and impoverished Lutheran church.

Annual cost to Luther Academy: $15,500

Number of potential souls affected: 150,000



India Conferences:

Luther Academy Fellow Rev. Dr. Michael Albrecht of St. James Lutheran in St. Paul, MN along with the Bible Faith Lutheran Church and Seminary in Guntur, India conduct week-long national conferences held for 400 Lutheran pastors from different backgrounds and even non-Lutheran pastors.  A second week of conferences for 40-70 Bible Faith Lutheran Pastors is held if finances allow.  Lutherans within India are not only a minority among Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim opposition but also a minority among Christians and an increasingly liberal Lutheran environment.  These conferences help strengthen Confessional Lutheranism in the region.

Annual cost to Luther Academy: $8,500

Number of potential souls affected: 1,000,000



European Conferences:

Over twenty years ago, Dr. Robert Preus began Luther Academy overseas conferences in northern Europe.  Today, Director Emeritus Rev. Daniel Preus and Luther Academy Fellow Rev. James Krikava of Maine each organize and / or assist in the teaching at two annual conferences in Europe.  Many small confessional congregations have exceedingly difficult ministries in the shadow of extremely secularized national Lutheran church bodies.  Europe in general is also a very difficult mission field, but young, brave and orthodox Lutheran pastors are being supported through the Confessional emphasis of Luther Academy conferences and the fellowship they find with other men from neighboring countries.

Annual cost to Luther Academy: $12,000

Number of potential souls affected: 250,000 


Congress on the Lutheran Confessions

The Congress on the Lutheran Confessions takes place annually and is cosponsored by Luther Academy and the Association of Confessional Lutherans. The Congress addresses issues of current interest to Confessional Lutherans and invites speakers to focus on various aspects of the chosen topic. The presentations are intended for both pastors and laypeople. Lutherans of all church bodies and any other interested parties are invited to register and attend the conference. After the Congress has concluded, the presentations made are edited and made available for purchase to the public in book form. Usually the Congress meets the first or second week after Easter in a large metropolitan area. If you'd like further information, please contact the ACL by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pieper LecturesDr. Francis Pieper

In honor of the fourth president of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Dr. Francis Pieper, Luther Academy had held in partnership with the Concordia Historical Institute the Pieper lectures on the Concordia St. Louis Seminary Campus.  These two organizations had brought various Lutheran scholars to speak on a particular topic chosen for the annual Conference. The lectures were always presented from the view of historical theology but with the intent of applying the lessons of history to the life of the Church. Luther Academy is in dialogue with major Lutheran institutions to examine a new venue for the annual Pieper Lectures.  Past lectures (as well as other Luther Academy books) can be purchased by contacting LOGIA at or calling (605) 324-3455.  You may also write Luther Academy directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

View the speakers and topics of past Pieper Lecture sessions:

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Peace if possible, truth at all costs.
-Martin Luther